Discover Andalusia during a weekend with the Cercle Team & Volcan X.A
Start at the heart of Ronda’s sceneries, then head to Sevilla on the eve of Mochakk’s energizing set at the Plaza de España.

From the 14th to the 16th of April, 2023, join us on our immersive travel experience for an

Andalusian two-day trip from Ronda to Sevilla.

We invite you on a trip across Southern Spain, to unveil Andalusian treasures and learn more about its rich culture.
You will attend a private performance by
Parra For Cuva, and finish on a high with the virtuoso Mochakk playing at the Plaza de España in Sevilla.

Cercle Moment invites you to meet and join the Cercle Family during authentic experiences, to discover local culture and art.

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